In 1982, two things happened: One, I was born. Two, I started this blog. Interestingly enough, it has taken me almost 29 years to realize that I never had a “subscribe” option on the side of this blog (unless you guys have figured out other ways to be notified by e-mail regarding new posts). Anyway, I am aware that I stopped posting on here for an obscene amount of time and, while I promise I won’t do that again, I hope that this e-mail-notification-thing will help… something…(?)


One Response to “Sub”

  1. 1 allison anne as=ith

    Apr. 10th. 2011. people. I know around the world started posting brog posts again. It is a good thgin; we are haaypey to have such a thing it this arount th=e worled. 2011 eleven, an aebsom yaer. thangs again

    allison anne as=ith

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