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I am selling some used mp3s for 40 cents a piece. They are: 1. “Old Yeller” by Humpty Steels Nash & Young 2. “Thirty Something” by The Schlitzers 3. “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails 4. “Earth Wind and Fire” by Blood Sweat & Tears Songs that I am never selling because they are my favorite: […]


New Works


Brennan Hill Seventies Harlem Fiction Digital MS Paint Drawing, 14′ x 17′, 2009



I forgot what I was going to do right now but–oh, look!–there’s an address on this computer graphics magazine from 1990 that I bought at a thrift store. Let’s see if I can find the exact location on Google Maps and then look at it on Google Street View!

Do You


I am constantly in the process of learning obvious shit.

This exists.



Above all else, this table is most useful for 2007