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New Recordings


Nicole and I have a project called “Twin World” and this is the cover of “Pajama Trauma Drama”, a full-length album of songs that have been whistled with no other instruments. Yes, they are all cover songs; and yes, they are all original songs written by me and Nicole. It is for sale for $7. […]

The information age has brought us into an age within which some of us seem to be acting dumber than ever.

New Post


I noticed that whatever you name a new post the first time is set in stone as the name of that post in the web address for that post. (What?)

At the Dominican Republic airport you will experience moments like this where your line of sight is split up into three layers: the social eye-level, the rooftop, and the sky. Ever since traveling there I have been looking for this phenomenon in Los Angeles. I have photos of those situations also.

If you have walked down Broadway between 6th and 9th then you have seen this. The fake story about this guy that I recently made up is that he is in jail.

Staring Contest


Can I borrow a money?



I actually didn’t find this structure in cyberspace but in real life so I had to take a picture of it.