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You never hear people talk about how they just got over sleep disorders; the truth is that there is a threshold between having one and not having one and since I got rid of my inability to stay asleep for more than 4 hours at a time I have felt like my old self again. […]

Craigslist Ad


This was in a real Craigslist ad: Anybody knows what Charles Clemmons is up to? Or his current pseudonym? Let us not forget that he fucked many many crewmembers in our community and he is still up for payback! And if you don’t know who I’m talking about, watch out for a lethargic skinny black […]

The image that is missing from the above sequence is the actual cutting of the avocado pit because it is yet another example of an experience that cannot be witnessed; only described in literary terms. The slippery nature of the unruly avocado pit tested the patience of the cutter for upwards of twenty minutes before […]

All of the sudden I have to learn how to cook? Are you kidding me? Maybe I’ve been allergic to salt all these years. (By the way, the blog-gods do give out prizes if you avoid spelling errors.)

You know, jumbling up wires, re-framing the “experience” notion, you know… blundering thousands of shillings from the working class, taking pictures of my girlfriend while she’s asleep you know, imitating phrases that end in “Deez nuts, hoe” for family members and new acquaintances; a balanced economy achieved through everyone’s cooperation as they agree to put […]